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Re: Do you fold your Sensei's hakama?

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Hi all (again),

I seem to be such a chatter box as of late, so I apologize for all the questions. Any way, here is another one spurred again by current events in my dojo. Sensei recently told me and another student we should learn to fold a hakama. I watched people on Monday and tried on Wednesday. (I felt I didn't do that bad of a job and the yudasha I asked to let me try to fold his hakama didn't refold it so I'll consider it a success.)

Anyway, to my understanding it is a tradition that the senior student present fold's the Sensei's hakama. This leads to a few natural questions:

1. Does this happen in your dojo?
2. If the senior student doesn't do it (ie has to leave early OR just dosen't do it) does it fall on the second most senior, ect.?
3. Do you only fold the Sensei of the classes hakama? (Ie if there are two yudansha would my boyfriend and I each fold one hakama?)

Thank you.
Fold your own danged hakama ... or as is tradition let the wife do it! Of course if you offer to fold someone elses that is totally different than someone asking you to fold theirs.

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