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Kevin McMonagle wrote: View Post
In a forest of enemy spears I find myself surrouned,
Then I realize that their very spears are my shield.
Kevin, I've always thought this was a very beautiful thing as well. Our Sensei was actually going over this the other day- explaining that Aikido works because an attacker wants to attach and that chains them where as we are free to move about.


I'm sorry to say but I highly disagree with

"Of training:
.....100 days for spear
...1000 days for bow
10,000 days for sword"

I actually have worked with both the bow and the sword and I find them both equally complex. Swords have more to master in short distance- but they are ONLY short distance weapons. A bow has been historically a long and mid range weapon used both standing and on horse back. I have much respect for the samurai who could shoot on horse back. Having tried, I find it to be as difficult as fighting an opponent up close. You have to work with: yourself, the horse and the target....Oh and the target is either going to be shooting back, trying to close in for short distance combat or trying to do both. Not fun.
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