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I don't know what all the fuss was about, pain is good inspiration.

There is a person at my new dojo here in Pasadena, who is basically a giant meat-sack. Now he's not ripped at all, but very stocky, about 5'7" give or take. It isn't that he is particuarlly strong, albiet I would say he is stronger than most. He just doesn't move. He has a hard time commiting his attacks, partially because he is a newer student to aikido, but because he doesn't not flow or accept the technique in anyway combined with uncommited attacks makes it hard to redirect his energy and take his balance.

So I took into consideration what everyone said, "Try something else." I tried nikyo, sankyo, atemi, it like he isn't there. I even tried a ju-jitsu elbow break technique... nothing. Not to mention, pins... I don't know whether he just doesn't feel anything, or just doesn't know how to respond or what...

I had a hard time doing iikyo on this particular individual. He would attack. I would blend in, catch the arm and take the elbow to tenkan and "wind him" down. Problem happens when he doesn't turn when I am taking his arm and elbow, potentially putting himself in a dangerous position where the potential is there to break his elbow by pushing forward. Anyhoo, he starts to turn, I try and get him low enough to take his balance, but he is stronger than me and doesn't bend well at the waist. Then I turn, he steps to catch, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Eventually I got frustrated and put his elbow into my armpit and went to the ground with all my weight. Even with that I felt like he was taking a fall for me.

From my own examination I can see that I wasn't taking his balance, or getting him low enough. The problem comes with the fact that he doesn't respond to atemi, pain or commit his attacks.

Any thoughts?


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