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Re: Heart leads mind, mind leads qi, qi leads strength

Lorel Latorilla wrote: View Post
Allen, very interesting, thank you.

Obviously this applies to everything, and for the purposes of this thread, I am mostly curious about movement and how this psycho-physical progression affects movement and re-train movement.

I feel that "heart" is a given--I mean for those that don't have it, or more accurately, if their hearts generate a desire that is different from what they are "supposed" to do, then obviously the mind itself won't really follow, it won't carve out the particular "pathways", if you will. Essentially, it is absolutely useless to teach someone the more subtle details of the mind-intent-qi-power-stuff if they do not have the will/heart for it. I can understand that internal peeps talk a lot about "mind-intent-qi-power" stuff because their desire to learn, to survive, to live, to improve their bodies, etc. is a given--all they need to do now is to work out the mechanics that will allow them to "fulfill" the desires of their heart/will.

I am interested in what context those comments about the "heart" were made. Perhaps their students lacked a little heart, and therefore couldnt really progress as students? Perhaps they lacked that killer instinct that necessitates a cleverness that leads them to discoveries that will refine their heart, usage of qi, and thus strength?
Everything is relative and you absolutly need to a have an interest in doing something - that is where the heart desire comes from to enable the motivation that gets the intent and ki to lead to the manifestation of an action.

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