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Re: G: Gift, Giving, and Growth

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

You are talking about an area of psychology that is getting a lot of attention lately, due to the PTSD issues with soldiers. The area is psychological resiliency. Things are always linked to external and internal events and interactions. When we can accept this reality, the conversation then shifts to what people do in response to external events to psychologically thrive. A better understanding of those CONDITIONAL variables (as opposed to the nice-feeling notion of "unconditional") allow us better able to manage our internal and external environments so that we can continue to thrive.

Hope all is well for you!


Marc Abrams
That's very interesting Mark. Do you have any links one can read?Some of the ideas I was talking about are gleaned from an Indian Jesuit Priest called Anthony De Mello who was also a practising Psychotherapist. He put a lot of these things into layman's terms. I'm sure these things are constantly evolving.

Things are good with me and my family. We are preparing to relocate back to Ireland in a few months. You really should swing by Hokkaido on one of your forays to Japan. You could stop by at the Shirataki dojo/shrine. It's a really special place. Chris Li has some photos of it on his website, I think.
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