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Bruce Baker
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I really hate to disagree about the developement of pain and people who think they have high thresholds of pain, but being uke in many karate/ jujitsu lessons ... I must say that you are very wrong in thinking this.

Maybe you have the ability to resist pain to the point of unconsciousness, but in my experience this type of thinking causes the uke to injure themselves needlessly. I try not let pain go this far, but isn't it better to find neutralization of that pain with either submission to the technique that might allow you a chance to escape?

I am down to my little piddies with how many times I have proved the statement of" ... I have a high resistence to pain and it won't work on me." ... absolutely wrong.

I really don't like to prove it, and have an injury occur because of the increased force applied by a noncompliant uke, it is terribly heartwrending to accidentally hurt someone who thinks they are untouchable. I would like to think I am able to inflict just the right amount of pain to avoid injury in practice while opening the mind of the disbelievers.

Unless you are a victim of having no feeling at all in your body, the signals or the pain will be transfered to the brain ... if nothing else, your physical control will be sufficient.

There are much more effective techniques than what we let the kyu levels practice, and it does take a sensitivity to keep from injurying each other, but don't discount the signals of pain not being the harbingers of injury being immenent.

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