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Gardening just leaves me crippled with back pain. Still haven't figured out how to do much of that without paying for it later.
I've had some pretty serious lower back issues since I was 17, two years into aikido, and they have plagued me for decades now. Since I started this type of training, I've seen the single biggest improvement in general comfort level since the problems started. It certainly was not an overnight thing, but now that I've gotten to a point that I allow my body to carry itself in the same way that I use it when I'm doing the training, it's made a pretty amazing difference. I spent all day yesterday moving heavy lumber and bags of soil and then digging holes for raised gardens with a shovel and pick axe and I have no ill effects. A year or two ago I probably would have had to take today off after that, if I made it through the day to begin with.
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