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Kevin Wilbanks
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One thing I've been curious about for some time is how applying joint-binding techniques with massive, damaging force would actually force someone to move. It's one thing to say that pain doesn't force you to move from practice experience, saying you have a high pain threshold, etc...

However, what if you determined to just stand there and take the pain while Steven Segal applied a ballistic, huge, movie-style kote gashi. From the looks of it, the technique would likely tear the entire carpal joint capsule open, as well as rupturing many tendons and tearing quite a bit of forearm musle tissue. Would you be able to just stand there and say 'Ouch!'? Or would there be a slight delay between the damage and the processing of all the nerve impulses, after which you would jump head-first whether you wanted to or not?

Or, imagine someone who is fairly nimble and about 200 pounds binding you up in nikkyo until it is quite tight, then jump-dropping into a full squat position suddenly. Could you just stand there and watch your arm being ripped apart, or would you hit the ground face-first before you even knew what was happening?

The problem is that I doubt very many people really know the answers to such questions. The only real way to find out would be to gather a fair sampling of evidence by going out and crippling people.
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