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Re: Heart leads mind, mind leads qi, qi leads strength

Thanks for response guys.

Anyway, so the "heart" is the foundation of it all. The mindset is the most important. The mindset could range from wanting to kill all the people that try to defy, or something like wanting to protect people, or the desire to train one's body to handle physical and mental stresses. Some people exposure to Systema here and a lot of the training is not really jin-qi-aiki based but has priceless exercises to train the "heart". Besides cold water dousing everyday, I train 2 minute push ups and 5 minute squats and doing push up holds for 5-10 minutes (which I havent done in a minute). Besides these exercises being good drills to relax the body under stress and incidentally building up the suit, they are excellent drills to train one to deal with physical/mental stress and build up the "heart" to endure, suvive, etc..

If the heart is not "refined",perhaps the intent will not sharpen. There is no sharpness to the intent or you are not aware that you do have to sharpen your intent.

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