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Re: Elbow Power

Erm... I may be wrong but... when I read the course manual for Yoshinkan Aikido, one of our basic movements, the six kihon dozas, is called elbow power.

In Japanese it is written exactly as in the original japanese: hiriki no yosei. Now, from a video of Inoue-sensei I've watch a while back, I remember him saying that the forms of hiriki was different in Aikido vs. Daito-ryu, in that Daito-ryu actually used more raw arm power than Aikido's version, which requires less effort to perform. Each has it's own advantage and disadvantages, so one isn't really better than the other, but they ultimately do the same thing: build timing, coordinated movements, and centreline power (chushin ryoku).

here's the video. Hopefully you more qualified folks can find out more from this.
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