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Dear Greg,
Possible the same quote /article in both books. I have the 5 volumes of Saito Sensei ,Heart and Appearance ,Saito Sensei again/ Budo and the line drawings of waza in a early volume of O Sensei.This last one is unlike most of the later stuff.Maybe Daito Ryu based? Have not got it at my hand right now so I forget the full title-maybe Budo Renshu??
Cheers, Joe.?
In my opinion both Shioda's and Saitos books are meaningless *when it comes to the topic of elbow power.* I am not saying the books have no value. They are just irrelevant and have no real value for what elbow power is. They are a discussion of some rather cooperative jujutsu. Shioda did allude to some very interesting things, but then left it and delivered...nothing. Who know's why.

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