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Re: Morihei Ueshiba, Budo and Kamae

I found it odd that John would correct Chris -as not being qualified to discuss these things- when it is John himself who is clearly lacking. As a translator John is not capable of establishing the text or offering informed commentary on his choices because he is obviously unfamiliar with the corpus of internal power training and the terms used in the sphere of knowledge existing throughout Asia. Hence, six direction training has little meaning beyond a random collection of words and his opting for Hanmi as a default "translation". Worthy of note was his use of swirling the legs in his response to Chris, instead of spiraling. The very concept of spiraling (ages old) has no real meaning to John so his choices; swirling instead of spiraling are all the same to him.

What we are seeing in John's work is a distinct failure in translation ability aided by a demonstrable failure to understand these basic tenants of internal training in the Asian arts themselves. It would have been a better response if John were to ASK Chris why he chose certain concepts and the use of certain terminology that has been consistent across muliplte cultures. Sadly instead John chose a default "I studied with so and so and have this rank so you are not qualified." In the present age, this tactic and mindset is continuing to fail rather miserably in both skill and overall depth of understanding and context. The former in one-on-one encounters, the later in informed scrutiny of his work.

Chris Li's embarking on his own journey of learning Internal power and aiki has made him the one eminently more qualified to handle the words of Ueshiba than John ever was. The newer more educated and informed translations by Chis Li place Ueshiba in proper context for what he was; a scholar, a student of internal power training and aiki. His heretofore missing words and now properly translated terms are now finally consistent with his movement and teaching.

Currently, I am part of a process that is placing Ueshiba's words in context within the internal training throughout Asia and continuing to define his concepts into actual training models that work and serve to fulfill their promise. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Japanese have failed almost completely in doing the same thing-some are openly admitting it.

This is not the old "Ki wars" and "Aiki wars" that happened on E-budo, Aikido Journal and Aikiweb years ago with the ki and aiki people not being able to clearly demonstrate unusual and usable power and convince any one of anything. Some of whom were openly ridiculed.
While camps are clearly divided, today no one who adheres to the post war model has ever been able to actually stand against those who are well versed in Ueshiba's way. This is a new day of men and women with demonstrable power and skills that people are having an extremely hard time dealing with in person-to the extent that is an almost 100% conversion rate. Because of the real power being displayed, today there are a growing number of teachers getting educated in Ueshiba's teachings. As the teachers currently training in Ueshiba's methods continue to develop, in time Ueshiba's truths will win and reclaim his own art back from those who had turned it into a mere shadow of it's former power under Ueshiba.
It is a great time to be practicing the art of Aikido.

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