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Re: Elbow Power

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
Hi Joe, I was not quoting any of Saito's Training volumes, but Saito's edition of Ueshiba's book Budo, which was translated by Tanaka and Pranin and included the original Japanese as well as Saito's own description and pictures of the techniques, etc.

Hope that helps

Dear Greg,
Possible the same quote /article in both books. I have the 5 volumes of Saito Sensei ,Heart and Appearance ,Saito Sensei again/ Budo and the line drawings of waza in a early volume of O Sensei.This last one is unlike most of the later stuff.Maybe Daito Ryu based? Have not got it at my hand right now so I forget the full title-maybe Budo Renshu??
Cheers, Joe.?
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