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Elbow power comes straight from Daito ryu-though it is interesting to note how many in that art have no idea what it means either. It also has a history in the ICMA. When trained properly it is part of a foundational body skill that *defines* both arts for their power and aiki and in fact while having nothing at all to do with the elbow it is expressed there as part of a whole. It has a direct connection to sword as well.

Oddly I keep meeting teacher after teacher, shihan after shihan, who, well....uhm....probably read John Stevens work and were also white guys training under Japanese...hence, like John, have no real knowledge of these very important foundational teachings in their own arts. For that reason I am not inclined to either explain or debate people who continue to demonstrate no real ability or understanding -beyond their ability to write well and debate on the internet. Face to face, for some odd, inexplicable reason...tends to open their ears, and allow us to reach an understanding-meaning they learn some dramatic truths contained in their arts foundation, heretofore not revealed to them.

Once again, once they are taught, I know of no teacher who would ever go back to doing aikido, Daito ryu, or Koryu the way they did it before. Elbow power is extremely potent in demonstrating power and or aiki. I have not see its real depth demonstrated by any Shihan in either art and the sword work is completelty bereft of any understanding of it. On the whole what is shown is always a partial understanding demonstrated in a limited fashion. Oh well.

Thankfully, teachers around the world are now training the arts foundation again. In time Ueshiba's art will return to its former power.

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