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Re: Response to: It Had to be Felt #4: Arikawa Sadateru: "Please, put your hand Down!

Jamie Yugawa wrote: View Post
This is another great video of a rare demo.
I liked this one too. Don't think I would call it sloppy.

He has a very 'no nonsense' or 'samurai' type approach from my perspective. I noticed also he is always unruffled.

I also liked the fact that each technique 'spoke loudly' as to what it was, I doubt anyone could say they were not effective. Down meant down, throws meant go, pins meant pinned. Very definite. No chance to 'argue'.

For me although thorough and definite they still maintained compassion.

Of the Ukes well Niall I was very impressed by. He didn't 'collapse' or give way throughout and his spirit was always on Arikawa Sensei without break. A fine example of budo spirit.

In summery.......Fudoshin.

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