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Re: Heart leads mind, mind leads qi, qi leads strength

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
These are the three internal harmonies, from Chinese internal martial arts. In Japanese:


Usually people say "Mind leads intent, intent leads Ki, Ki leads power".

In Asian vernacular "mind" (the intellectual decision) and "intent" (the focusing of the mind on that decision) are seen as two separate actions.

If you Google it with relation to (for example) Taiji or other internal arts you should come up with quite a bit of information.

Some interesting pieces by Morihei Ueshiba that also cite the three harmonies (with just slightly different wording) may appear in my blog at some point.



Yes, very important IMO - most people just combine mind and intent as one when they talk about it, but they are separate - intent is a function of mind that controls the ki. Actually, a lot of people just use the term 'intent' to combine the functions of mind, intent, and ki. IMO, you really need to separate them and view them for what they are to truly understand what is going on with the internal stuff. Also, I view ki as the bridge from the mental to the physical.

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