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lars beyer
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This is how it started...

Please sit back and allow yourself to dive into your long forgotten past and re-live the first moment you realised that.. YOU were destined to spent a lifetime in hard labour.. creating yet to be believed martial arts skills of a scope and caliber that would scare the living daylights out of this murderously mundane and unholy world of couchpotatoes, dorks and misbelievers.. If only they knew about it..
if they only knew.. then..

(Note the Daito Ryu Master at 1.05, "stepping off the line of attack" at both 1.39 and 2.21 and the "use of the opponents force against him" at 2.07 and the mysterious and almost god-like, yet casual escape from an encircling group attack at: 2.33)

I mean.. how hard can it be afterall..!?

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