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Benjamin Green
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Re: Dangerous Situations

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Wish I was able to fight back as well as you have Ben, probably would have saved me a lot of grief... I was too weak and unfit to really do anything without technIque, and since I didn't have technique at the time, well...
I don't see how you can know that you were too weak, if you never actually tried to fight back.

Do you have it now? If you're putting being bullied all these years down to a lack of skill, and you think you've got it now, that seems like the sort of thing it would be important to test. You know -- get a guy who does some boxing and try some light-contact sparring without gloves on. See how you do.

Alic Xie wrote: View Post
You should definately go back to universty. If you haven't formed any significant friendships then it's time to try, cause you're missing out on all the fun. Military isn't that stable of a job anyhow, so you might want to increase your future options now. You've got time to burn now anyhow eh?
Time to burn isn't the same as options to burn.

The decision to go back to university is one that cannot be taken back. Whereas the decision not to go can be taken back at any point. If I try the job market and find that it's ill suited for people without degrees, then that's okay. But if I try the job market and find that it's ill suited for people who took a year or so off of continuing to work -- in order to go and get the last bit of their degree -- that's not something that can be fixed.


The lack of significant friends doesn't bother me. It's not clear that becoming attached to people has a reasonable trade off in terms of the amount of fun you can have with them.

Do many people have significant friends anyway? Or, do the ones that profess such a position just have a very constrained experience with others that causes them to place too high a value on the individuals they have direct experience with?
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