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In a forest of enemy spears I find myself surrouned,
Then I realize that their very spears are my shield.

The first time I read this I thought it was the most beautiful and intriguing four lines I head ever read.
I've pondered it's meaning for months. It's meaning hit me today out of the blue. Now I think that the founder was a very enlightened being and had mastered the highest level of strategy.
This a serious practical and tactical teaching with value to a budoka. It is an old teaching going back to Vegititus, the Roman general in his book of strategy.
Sadly, it can also be taken up by ner do wells and utterly incompetent people to new heights of new age rhetoric and nonsense and be emptied of all practical worth to a budoka.

The only thing left to do is to face people -who claim to be Budoka- with spears. In quick order you will discover who is actually worth listening to and how utterly worthlessness some people's understanding of budo is. For this reason, many people-particularly established teachers- will never meet and be tested.

"Do not look to authority for truth...look to truth for authority"
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