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Re: Relaxation

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
Hi Andy,

I'm not sure that the body has a natural postural alignment. Most people I meet need quite a lot of 'correction' in their posture to make them anywhere near aligned.

I have gained a more 'natural' posture from a combination of Aikido, Alexander Technique, Yoga, and I/S training. All of the instruction to get to this 'natural' state felt entirely un-natural at first.

For me, relaxation is every bit as much about mind as it is body. A correct 'stance' without the correct 'mind' is like a pretty cardboard cut out.


Hi Mark, agreed totally. However I was merely pointing out what he could do right now, to relax. Also to have correct body and posture alignment, you need to be relaxed. Wether doing Aikido or just getting up and moving round.

I too have had to re-train students how, walk, stand,sit and walk, and yes it can take them, along time for it to sink in, if they cannot relax.

In Budo

Andy B
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