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Re: Dangerous Situations

Michael Douglas wrote: View Post
No. It is right to respond with force.

I made two points only ;
1. Child attacking others with scissors = potentially dangerous, should be reprimanded/expelled.
2. Your assertion that resisting with force is wrong, I absolutely DISagree.
I'm confused.
You say attacking with scissors is potentially dangerous and therefor wrong, but then you say
it is good to resist with force. Stabbing someone with scissors would definitely be considered use of force. Those two statements seem at least conflicting and at most hypocritical in my opinion.

It appears that you have never had a persistent bully work you over for any amount of time, it is so incredibly unpleasant you will do just about anything to make it stop. How many times here in America have we seen teens commit suicide or homicide that was a direct result of repeated bullying?

For all you know if Alic had stabbed the other child it would have been a life changing experience for both Alic and the bully. Perhaps the Bully would have had an epiphany and never bullied anyone again. Perhaps Alic would have had an epiphany regarding compassion, understanding and non violence.

That said stabbing the child with scissors would have been the wrong way, but that doesn't mean that the bully didn't deserve to have his ass kicked.

What is the best way to deal with a persistent bully?
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