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Re: Relaxation

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
I really enjoy the sweeping generalisations that I read here on AW.

IMVHO - Real power of technique comes from relaxation,

I do agree however, that sloppy body, horrible posture and poor technique are to be avoided, but they are not the result of 'relaxation', they are the result of poor teaching.


Hi Mark,
I agree about a poor teaching. It is evident when somebody after 4 months of practice worry about 'relaxation'. He can't even distinguish between right and left side, can't walk correctly, doesn't have ANY decent body skills(let's say rolling forward), and he is talking about 'relaxation'!! Go figure! Somebody had to tell him about it - I bet it was his teacher. Or may be he read some poor books type of "Dynamic sphere"......who knows...

In any case my conclusion " back to the basis" is quite correct in this case, what do you think?


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