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I thank you very much in your responses to my question i will certainly take them on board over time as i train in aikido , if i did not make myself clear in my original post i do apologize the relax element i referred to was part tension but this is not done on purpose as i dont think i am tense ?? and the rushing of techniques more so in in randori and i know it is only early in my stage of learning after 4 months ( but it comes more from excitement than fear )
Again, why guess? Why the question marks?

Who is telling you to relax?
Is someone else telling you, or are you just telling yourself?
If the former, why don't you ask them what they mean by "relax", and why you need to be doing it?
If the latter, what do you mean by "relax", and why is it a goal for you?

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will do." First figure out where you're going (what "relax" is), and why you want to go there (or IF you want to go there)...then, and only then, figure out how to get there.
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