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Re: Does Anybody Know Whether This Technique Has a Name?

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
The technique from the hapikido video works on more of a kote gaeshi/shiho nage principle.

That is not the sense that I got when I first read the description of "your technique."
I agree that the principles behind the technique in this video are those of a kote gaeshi\shiho nage combination,that's what i thought.And i also didn't get that sense when i read the description in any of the posts.In my opinion,if i got it right sounds like the technique that came spontaneously is more of a Rokkyo Tenkan variation where you lock the hand under your armpit instead of locking it in your own hand using kote mawasi.But you can also say that it has a Juji nage "flavour" in it since you "cross" your arm against his elbow from the outside in order to pressure to the direction it actually breaks.It could also have a bit of a Nikkyo in it depending on where the trapped under the armpit hand faces.If the little finger looks upward instead of the thumb, then i think i can see a little bit of Nikkyo in there as well.On the other hand maybe i got it all wrong...Haha!

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