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Re: Relaxation

Graham Norris wrote: View Post
Dear Aikido brothers and sisters

Do any of my fellow student of aikido have and practices or techniques they would gladly share to help me with my quest to be totally relaxed while training etc or is it simply a case of only in time wil the mind body and spirit will be as one ???

graham ....
HI Graham,
Gravity! gravity can help if only you become aware of it. Gravity draws everything to earth, and it can also draw all you tension and stress in the body to earth too, if you allow it.

You focus your awareness on the body, starting with the feet and work your way up to the head and back down again, feel all the tension being drawn towards the earth by gravity. Feel all the excessive strength being drawn to the earth too, any stress or tension in muscles too being drawn down through the body to earth the the gravity.

All that is required to stand and move is the body`s own natural posture alignment, not strength and tension. This is especially obvious when we are in hanmi or kamae, whatever you use for the word stance.

Try it out let me know how you got on

In Budo

Andy B

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