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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

Amy Fong wrote: View Post
Thank you very much Andy !! I really appreciate your sharing of the experience. However I'm afraid it'll take me 10 years to trully understand it. But, roughly I think I get the idea that spirit + ki will beat muscle. Right?

Because I posted this post, people think my dojo is not good enough, but it is not that actually. It's just that I don't really talk to Sensei and other senpai, so my progress has been slow. It's my personality problem. Just want to let people know I like all the people in my dojo.
Hi Amy,
I do not think your dojo is not good enough from what you wrote here Impossible, so it is to make a judgement on that unless I had been there.

It should never be about wether you like them or not. Its about what you are training for, its about how your are trained, its about you feeling that this dojo will get you where you think you should be headed.

Awareness, if I could teach anybody anything it qwould be awareness. Because we cannot change things for the better nothing that we are not aware of.

When you let gravity do its job of draining and pulling to earth all the stress and tension in your body that serves no useful purpose, you realise too, that too much muscle tension or tensing, also serves no useful purpose. What are you left with? Ki flow, you can experience this now - not in ten years , if you just let gravity do its job! Try it out, let me know what you felt, Aikido is all about feeling, not knowing inteluctually something. You end up knowing it in your body.

In Budo

Andy B
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