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Re: shiho nage

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Hi Cliff,
I think you have the idea.First you have got to start together at a fixed point ie a directional position which you can relate to.A good idea is to determine North /South /East /West ie the direction of ukes ukemi. Do this map ref.from your point of view as Tori.So you would face due North/Uke faces .SouthSelect Migi Gyaku Hamni katatedori..Then proceed from that point.The first three are easy peasy , no. 4. is the awkward one.luck.Cheers, Joe.
Hi Joe,
I am trying to figure out whether you and me are doing this the same way. But I am hopeless with descriptions of techniques. The startingpoint is a compass (or as Tada sensei always used; a clock). The condition is that all four variations are done static. The way you describe them, the first three sound exactly as the way I would do it. It is the fourth that I do not fully envision. Perhaps it is different from what I do? I go straight in, just before he goes down uke has to move a little bit to keep some of his balance. It does not really involve uke turning or moving a lot. How is this different from what you do or is it the same? Could you help me out here?
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