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Tom Verhoeven
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Re: Does this practice have a name?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Hi Tom,
My initial contact with the phrase renrakuwaza was in my judo days circa 1960.It was used primarily as an indication of linking attacks /combining waza.I may well be wrong here but Saito Sensei in Jo work used the term rensokuwaza in relation to his jo movements.I think perhaps the terms are /have similar meaning.Cheers, Joe.
Hi Joe,
You are right, that is what I meant. I do not have that much experience with Judo. At that time I was teaching Aikido at this Judoschool and after class I often had discussions with the judo-teacher about the similarities and differences between Judo and Aikido, and I remember that this point came up. He had some wonderful drawings on the wall that showed the difference between renraku - and renzoku waza. You are also right about rensoku waza in relation to Aiki Jo; linking one technique after the other. There, I feel, is the difference between renraku waza and renzoku waza even more a blur.

Perhaps we do not use the distinction between renraku waza and renzoku waza so much in Aikido, as it does not in a didactic sense really clarifies things, but rather complicates matters?

Greetings from the Auvergne,
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