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Re: Does this practice have a name?

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
Or renzoku waza. The meaning is almost the same, I would say. Renraku waza translates as a continuation of techniques. While renzoku waza means a group or serie of techniques.

Both are used in Aikido for a sequence of techniques. Although I remember a conversation with a Judo teacher who pointed out to me that there is supposed to be a subtle difference between renzoku waza and renraku waza.
Renraku waza would then be more a combination of two or more techniques, while renzoku waza would be a series, a sequence of techniques.
But I have never heard any of my Aikido sensei make that distinction.

kind regards,

Hi Tom,
My initial contact with the phrase renrakuwaza was in my judo days circa 1960.It was used primarily as an indication of linking attacks /combining waza.I may well be wrong here but Saito Sensei in Jo work used the term rensokuwaza in relation to his jo movements.I think perhaps the terms are /have similar meaning.Cheers, Joe.
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