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Re: It's getting annoying..

Hi David,
I too have had experiences like this too, and yes it is frustrating and can really get you down when you "think" people are not trying hard enough, when people seem to be not interested in the learning Aikido.

my question to you is a simple one, are you interested in learning Aikido?

Because if you truly are, then your teacher is teaching you an invaluable lesson, Humility.

when students are newly promoted to yudansha, it goes to there head and start throwing advanced and beginners all over the place to display there knowledge and power.
Just like you said this is exactly what you enjoy doing, and this is what training means to you.
Your teacher by getting you to teach as a man of rank, is showing you that it's not about throwing people all over the dojo and saying see look what I can do! True knowledge and power should not be displayed in a vulgar demonstration of constant winning over the opponent.
it is taking the care to show begginers, the correct way, so you bring them gently up to your level of understanding. In this way the whole dojo improves at the same time, and then you can train in a manor you see fit for the students and situation in hand.This is an honour and a blessing. Not something that must be endured and put up with until a time that you can start throwing and pinning people down again.

indeed by teaching, you learn more about yourself and the technique's of Aikido, because you have to break the fundamentals right down to their essential points, this re-inforces your own understanding whilst encouraging students to see and feel it for themselves.

last Thursday we spent two hours practicing only Ai hanmi Ikkyo, with the emphasis on the beginners, and on learning the fundamental basics of body movement to allow the technique to unfold. I found this to be totally rudimentary and frustraing and extremely annoying, I wanted to practice throws, get all sweaty from the constant changing of techniques and increased pace that the normal class offers.
Until I saw the care in which sensei was demonstrating humility, correct fundamental Waza. And I thanked him for a great class.

It is not about what you or I want to be doing, its about what the beginner's needs to learn, understand and then know in themselves, that is most important. Anything else should be seen as very selfish indeed, this is how I felt last Thursday when I caught myself wanting to do all the other stuff Aikido offers, I felt selfishness.

If your students lack anything, it could be they have not been taught it, did not understand it, or do not believe it works. It is your Job as Yudansha and now as a sensei, to make sure that if your students lack anything, you fulfill that lack with correct knowledge, and see to it that it is applied correctly also.

In Budo,

Andy B

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