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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

Hi Amy,
Forgive me if I go over some things that have already been noted, as I have not read all post.

The way I see it is, it really is not about wether men are stronger than women or vice versa(this is soo possible), but to lead the beginner to an understanding of superior inner strength as apposed to physical muscle strength. And this should be taught from the outset as basic fundamental Waza,, as body movement, we controll our opponent through body movement and not muscular strength.

For example, the other day I asked the strongest Aikidoka in our dojo, to take hold of my wrist in the basic hold of gyaku hanmi katate dori, with the absolute intent of not letting me to be able to move him. To hold my body spellbound as it were, so that my mind would be stolen by his strength and his full intent.
I simply could not move my uke an inch, could not even begin to move into a technique it was too painfully on my wrist, I could not move at all, I was completely defeated in mind and body.

But, not in spirit, and this is the key to Ki, Osensei clearly states in a few Doka, "take no thought for the enemy whatsoever, just step in and cut." or words to similar effect. now I had the same uke take hold of my other wrist in the same manner as my other hand was completely numb. I applied no thought for the enemy, just concentrated fully and conciously on my own breath (this is where true power resides), I simply raised my own hand in an upward motion, similar to the raising of sword, but with a hint of entering into the opponent with my hand.
It happened so quickly even I was surprised, I broke his grip as if it were nothing. as if his strength simply did not matter one bit. this was not competition or testing, but sincere act of training in the way.
I bowed and thanked my partner honestly, for helping me understand the way of non-resistance. not to deny the strength of my opponent, just don't think about it too much, and train in the basics of Aiki.

Yes beginners are to be treated kindly, they have had little to no training in Aikido, you have. give them the tools to receive a technique fully, so you do not have to pull your technique. also teach beginners to give a full honest attack to those who know what they are doing, and then if that person gets hit, there is another lesson learned..... Should have got out of the way.

For yourself, if you feel that you teacher is skipping some fundamentals of Aikido, and concentrating, far too much with the execution of technique, then you may need to think about going to a different instructor. for the one who only thinks about defeating and destroying, throwing or pinning the enemy, is completely missing the way of harmony.
Aikido takes into account both sides of the coin, Uke and Tori must be trained in equal measure in each others role, because they are of the same ONE COIN!

Train in this spirit and harmonious interaction (technique), no matter how hard your opponent/s attack, you will be able to remain centred and deal with the situation.

in Budo

Andy B

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