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jackie adams
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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

Good morning to everyone.

I am open minded and willing to read what someone finds if they post it here about the difference between men and women. Let me tell you, am the first to say I don't know everything. Thinking of my self as a perpetual student is always a good thing. Subscribing to the saying that not everything on the internet is true, is true for me too. My mission is to due the best by my students by being the best teacher I can be. Taking teaching seriously by understanding the needs of the students is paramount to me. Understanding how to teach which includes the differences in how all students learn and identifying their needs, is always a good rule of thumb. I am not going to assume I can teach just because I have some experience and knowledge in Aikido. I don't think that is a good approach. I am open to reading suggestions.

Have a good day.
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