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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

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BTW, there is reserch showing that women learn math as well as men do IF they live in countries where people don't have this belief that men are better at math - a very fine example of how prejudice becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. I can dig the original articles out for anyone who is interested.
I love the math thing. Over here, we are on an A-F grading scale, and I always made A's in every subject except for math. I made B's and C's in math, and everyone told me that was fine, because girls are no good at math. After starting back in school as an adult, I had a teacher who didn't believe that, and reinforced that women and men are the same in math. I finished his class last semester with an almost perfect average, and got a perfect score on the final exam. I'm taking him again this semester, and I am ahead of the entire class in calculus now. Turns out I'm great with math, I just needed someone who believed in me first.

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