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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

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It's evening and my intuition kicked in telling me to read some of the responses. One concern I noticed amid the responses relates to the link I posted. Many people mentioned it. The link I given was because a member was asking me if I could cite something. Because I can't remember everything I read. I found a link that sampled some of the areas I have read about in the differences men and women. I have read things not only in the field of education, but other areas too that say men and women learn differently. These areas are in sports, medicine, and science that say there is a difference in women and men. If a person cares to do so, they could Google it.

It has been a busy Monday, am tired. It is time to turn off the computer and relax with glass of wine. Good night.
So you googled and you found what you wanted to find... good for you.

There are plenty of pages saying plenty of silly things, inluding pages about what science says. See my remark regarding how "there are differences between the group" might hold on group level and still be a worthless statement when it comes to the individual.

There is bad research. There also is lots of sensible research being over-interpreted in various ways.

BTW, there is reserch showing that women learn math as well as men do IF they live in countries where people don't have this belief that men are better at math - a very fine example of how prejudice becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. I can dig the original articles out for anyone who is interested.

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