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Bruce Baker
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Pain to train, or nudge to budge?

OK. Let's get into the use of Pain verses Nudge.

As soon as I mention pain, some people think of the extreme pain that occurs right before or after injury, where pain is literally the degree of signal being sent to the brain from the nervous system sensory network. In this context, it could be interpreted from touch as the bottom of the scale to intense pain from injury.

Most people know what a nudge is ... the slight use of movement used to cause movement. If you consider the force used to cause a nudge, that force can be used to cause pain if applied with the knowledge of correctly using position, angle, direction, and correct technique in either Aikido or nerve ending.

Do we need to induce pain to train? According to many of the questions about "..does Aikido work for real?", I would say there needs to be a validation for these people.

It may not be the general concensus that we need to cause some type of pain in practice, whether it is the feeling of touch, stretch, pinch, bee sting, or learning to feel the degree of stretch verses pain when doing techniques in practice ...

Learning to feel the techniques with some degree of pain validates the neutralization of opponents, and does indeed create a safer practice.

I am feeling pretty good today, so you hawks and doves can take a shot at me with if you feel I go too far from nudge, budge, into inducing and teaching degrees of pain in Aikido practice ... or does my treatise revert to the foundations of O'Sensei's practice?
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