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Re: What would you do? (Older male teacher with young female student)

Cult is a strong word, probably i should have softened it a bit as we tend to think of extreme examples, rather than the subtleties we might see in different dojo.

I wouldn't say aikido are cult members, though one persons cult is anothers mainstream religion. After all we do wear funny clothes, bow to some dead guy who did this amazing stuff we can aspire to yet never be able to do ourselves and only do authentically through one of his disciples.

Walking away I think depends on the buy-in and history is replete with sad stories and the levers applied at the boundary by the group.

Anecdotally I suspect for dojos with a strong charismatic/cult element that there seems to be a tendency to keep away from the aikido fraternity.

Where there are unusual cultural norms..perhaps in the case of this thread...i suspect there is something to it


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