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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

Jackie Adams wrote: View Post
I will run 3 adult classes a week. A general class mixing both men and women, if they want. A women's and men's only classes for those who want it. Then the kids classes separate from the adults.
Of those classes a woman who only wants to train with women and a man who only wants to train with men, and the children, each can only train once a week. Based on that program at most a dedicated student can only train in your dojo two days a week and at that they have to drop their phobia about training with the other sex if they want to train more. What happens when someone wants to train more than 1-2 times a week as do most serious students? That isn't really even a useful program if someone is only in it for the exercise. Two days a week is bare minimum for one to be able to progress as it is.

When I first entered the dojo I was scared and worried and very uncomfortable training with anyone and men in particular. But I also realized that the reason I was there was to work on those issues and the only way to work on them was to face them head on in a controlled environment with skilled teachers to help me.

Now I am very fortunate that there are currently several woman of various ranks form Sandan and co-head of the dojo all the way down to a beginner who started a month ago. Having other women in the dojo to support and help is a good thing. But I have to say that it has actually been the male instructors and students who have really been the most help to me in learning that I can be ok and in control while interacting with a male. A woman who really has a problem with this is never going to get there training with only women.

I also will be interested to hear updates on how things progress once this program begins.
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