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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
I'm not talking about *learning* aikido. I'm talking about using aikido.

In an archery competition, don't three arrows in the center of the target count the same no matter how you got them there? (Within the rules.)

Yes, it is as I thought.

You are talking about competition, about winning, about besting the other. I do not use Aikido, I practice it.

I am practicing Aikido for more then one reason. But one of those reasons is that I have no need to compete or to best the other. The other is in Aikido not an opponent but a partner.

I practice archery in the same way. And you are right three arrows in the center of the target makes me the winner of the contest. So? O, I get a medal? And then what?

There is more to Aikido and to archery then just winning or being better then an other. Both are an exercise of the mind. And of the body, but not in a muscular sense. Both are about breath. There is so much to learn, to try out and to practice in Aikido. And there is so much joy in discovering how the idea of Aiki relates to anything that you encounter. That is one reason why I enjoy living in nature.

Anyway, that is just my way. You can ignore that as irrelevant.

Enjoy and have fun with your way of using aikido.

kind regards,

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