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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

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Male and Female Differences Dan Hodgins, Coordinator Early Childhood Education
That isn't exactly a piece of scientific work. Who's this Dan Hodgins who wrote it? I fail to find any scientific articles from him on the brain (searching Pubmed, the relevant database for medical research). Your PDF file says he's a "Coordinator Early Childhood Education", OK. His sources? He doesn't state. Could be popular books like "Men Are From Venus and Women From Alpha Centauri", or whatever.

The text certainly isn't scientific. Talking about differences between two groups is completely irrelevant unless you also state
1) how big these differences are. Numbers, percentages, graphs and tables in an article makes it less appealing for a quick glance, but a lot more informative. This article hardly mentions any numbers at all.
2) how big the variation is within the groups in question (in this case male and female).

Let's say, for instance, that men on average is better than women in the task X. Wow, we have gender differences! Women truly are from Alpha Centauri!

We get closer, and see that on average they are 15% better at X. That's a difference - but it's not huge. This kind of data will be interesting to scientists but it doesn't have a huge impact in normal live.

However we're not satisfied with that either. We check for the variation within the groups - and that proves to be far far bigger than 15%. Some men are more than 100% better at X that others. Some women are much better than some other women - and some women are a hell of a lot better than some men. Actually, as much as 30% of the women are better at X than the average male.

This is how data on gender differences in the brain typically look when you come closer. Which the popular books seldom say.

By all means, create your class system and test it, I'd like to hear how it went! But I very much doubt that you have any science behind it. Not any biological/medical, at least.
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