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Confused Re: Kata and Aikido

having trained in TKD, and some Karate and Judo in the past, i always thought Aikido didnt have katas aside from the weapon katas, but that (for reasons described above) it'd be great if it did...

in iwama style, the techniques from static positions are explained as being just that--techniques from static positions.

It sounds like the conceptualization here is that these techniques-from-static-positions can be thought of as katas?

is that another way of explaining the difference between kihon and ki no nagare? --that kihon waza is kata pratice while ki no nagare is the "free movement" kata described above?
but if so, why still call it kata?

is it just another way to say the same thing, or do i have it wrong?

p.s. lately, im starting to feel like what ive learned in iwama style makes it confusing sometimes to hear/see/read what others do and think ... back to the drawing board
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