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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

you folks are still here trying to figure out the differences between male and female? you folks never played doctor when you were kids? i noticed right away the differences the first time on the mat. for one thing, the females, in general, are better looking. sorry, but most of you blokes are kinda not very remotely attractive. then there is the smell. the females smell better too, all around.

personally, i don't think much about the differences when it comes to martial arts. i guess growing up in a country where women were encouraged to take up arms and be at the front-line, sort of taking the issues of male and female in martial arts or combat, out of my view. it also helped when the girls there didn't play with barbie dolls, but preferred to kick kent's ass and took him prisoner. ever wonder why we men rather went to war instead of staying behind and deal with the women? just observe for a moment the conversation, one night, in an unspecified tent, of Gengis Khan horde.

GK (Gengis Khan): ok, did you all made a good excuses to sneak out of your tents?
Horde leaders: yes, GK.
Matthew "the camel": the wives kept asking me about when i would be back. i need to get back early; otherwise, they will be really mad.
Horde leaders: me too. me too.
GK: OK. you are a bunch of spineless women!
Horde leaders: GK, you sneaked out too!
GK: Don't make me go over there and kick your asses!
Chris "the fallen": you have no idea what it likes with them! just the other day, my second wife asked me about about... her wrapping dress. she asked me if i liked the color. i said "yes". then she said "i don't seem to be enthusiast about it" that i hated the color. then she went tearful on me!
GK and Horde: sheesh! sorry man, that's tough break. we all have been there. pass the man the wine skin!
Marc "the brute": that's nothing! my third wife asked me about if she's fat!
Horde: *gasp" what did you say?
Marc "the brute": i said i love her whatever shape she in.
Horde: *collectively shaking head of impending doom*
Marc "the brute": she went all pouty and crying and weeping and the rest of wives joined her! i wanted to kill something badly so i went out and milked the goats!
GK: cheer up man! here, drink some wine from my wine skin!
John "the hacker": that's nothing. the other day, my first wife asked me if i know what day is this? i could barely remembered my own manhood if it wasn't attach to me and she asked me the day? it turned out it was our anniversary where we wed over the pile of dead bodies from that looting by the yellow river. and i forgot to steal some flowers for her! *sobbing* it was so bad i had to sleep in the tent with her for a couple of days.
Horde: that ain't bad!
John: and talked about feelings! *sobbing*
Horde: *collective gasp NO NOT FEELING!"
GK: OK. that does it! so we are all agree that we will take the horde to the southern plain and sweeping across the world to be away from the women folks, right?
Horde: RIGHT!!!
GK; here is the plan. we will gather up the clans and sneak out early in the morning, before the women wake up around noon.
Horde: what excuse do we use?
GK: gone fishing!
Horde: but we are in the middle of the damn desert!
GK: right, we will go until we can find a place to fish! i heard of this place called hawaii. we should heading in that direction.

and there rest is history!

*for the longer version of the meeting notes, i might post it at a later time*

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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