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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

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It is not really Aikido, but it is a valid counter for ikkyo?

That sounds a bit like home-brew chickensoup made of oxtails, does it not?

If you are just having fun with this, great. If it helps you improve your ikkyo even better!

But if you are serious about learning Budo you want to know why this is not considered a valid counter to ikkyo.

On the other hand, you may very well be the exception to the rule that gets away with it! And then you are right after all !

kind regards,

Care to enlighten me? I'm not saying that this is a valid "aikido" counter for ikkyo. I'm also not saying that it will work if your ikkyo is good. BUT, if you do a poor ikkyo, then why shouldn't uke pick you up to show you? Just like if you do a poor sankyo, why shouldn't they aim a punch at your head to show you? That's just the way I train, I'm afraid.
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