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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
If your partner ends up on the floor, it was a valid counter.

I'm fairly familiar with the "aikido-like" counters for ikkyo, as my teacher has examined them at length on many occasions. But for the purposes of this conversation, I'm more interested in the practical question of whether uke ends up on the floor and pinned, or not.

If your partner ends up on the floor, it was a valid counter?

Perhaps in a Judo contest, but not while learning Aikido.

In archery I can shoot three arrows in the centre of the blazon anytime I want. No problem there. "The result is there" says my teacher, meaning that everything I just did was wrong, except for the result; I hit the target every time. Now I know that I am doing it wrong and I am working hard to improve it. But if I were to follow your standard, you are actually saying that my teacher is wrong, that the result counts. The three arrow hit the target and we can ignore all the rest? Your partner ends up on the floor and therefor what you did was valid?

My archery teacher would see that as a very poor standard indeed. And as an Aikido teacher, I agree.

This may very well be a subject for a new thread?

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