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Re: What would you do? (Older male teacher with young female student)

"Angry Father" described a situation in terms that suggested to me 1) an older man was teaching at his dojo, 2) that older man started paying inappropriate attention to teenaged girls on the mat, 3) those teenaged girls were under the legal age of consent, 4) one girl's parents became concerned and discussed it with the dojo cho, 5) Angry Father did and said nothing, but stopped attending the older man's classes, and 6) the conduct continued and the older man and now young woman are a couple.

If my understanding is correct, I wouldn't be able to train there myself and wouldn't allow a child of mine to train there. On the other hand, if these "girls" were young women and of the age of consent, my view might be a little different, although I think it a bad practice for anyone in a position of power to initiate a relationship with someone under his control, but adults can make their own choices.

Aikido as I understand it doesn't support predators. It happens in aikido dojo, in the workplace, at schools, clubs, and even religious organizations. That doesn't mean that it should be condoned or accepted. If this situation was as I understood it, much more should have been done by the dojo cho, Angry Father and others. What's the old quote? All it takes for Evil to triumph is for a good man to do nothing.

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