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Re: Zazen necessary for training

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

I am a proud follower of that tradition! Red wine is my preferred path to enlightenment. As a matter of fact, I am going to be opening a bottle of 2004 Cabernet in a couple of minutes...


Marc Abrams
"In vino veritas"

I know a danish filmproducer who once set out to make a film with the above title: "In Vino Veritas"....
He, the director, a renegade son of an Italian wineyard owner, and the crew went to Italy to shoot this documentary at this wineyard (with a HUGE winecellar) and they returned 3 weeks later with no usable footage whatsoever, and a hangover the size of the european continent.
I guess if the truth is in the wine the truth in this case is that shooting a film with this title in a winecallar is alltogether a vary, very bad idea...!

(sorry for interrupting this thread and taking it in a bad direction.. couldnīt help myself..)

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