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lars beyer
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Re: all 7 suburi in one go?

Dear David,
I try to practise suburi on a daily basis, both jo and ken suburi.. but it takes time.
I also experience that some people make up their own forms, like linking the various suburi into flowing patterns in order to save time but I donīt think this is correct fro the basic practise.

Suburi is suburi and is meant as a tool to study the infinite details of a single blow with the ken or jo before moving towards advanced partner practise.
My sensei compare it to musicians playing scales every day in order to develop effortless technique.

Focus, grip, hip, feet, extension, balance, inward and outward attention, grounding, kokyo, kime, transmission of power, ki.........(!), ying / yang........(!), breath, kjai, zanshin.. these are only some of the elements that can be studied in detail during suburu practise, and I am sure there must be many more, so doing suburi fast linking them together in order to be able to practise them in a quick manner before you go to work each day will not facilitate this I think.

Offcourse itīs possible to do suburi in 1000 ways and sometimes focus on speed and raw power but not as a rule of thumb. Speed and power comes gradually with practise and should not be the main focus and as a rule of thumb never alter the basic form... there is a reason for the basic forms and beginners like us would never understand fully why anyway and by altering them we would miss the chance to learn why and develop our technique. But I guess if you know you are doing experiments you should offcourse do so, but donīt make it a habit.

So itīs true that 10 suburi done with heart and sincerity and 100 % focus is far better than 1000 suburi done in a hurry without attention to detail. And offcourse a good teacher is mandatory since many people, myself included, seem to add an infinite number of mistakes to techniques during solo practises.

Best regards
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