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Lightbulb Re: It's getting annoying..

David Santana wrote: View Post
... I don't get the exercise I came to train for (they can't do a decent ukemi because my dojo focuses more on teaching them how to be a nage, instead of uke).
My idea will only address a tiny part of your issue, but it's worth a try. If your dojo is too focused on the techniques, and not enough on ukemi, maybe you could be The One Who Focuses On Ukemi.

At the dojo where I train Sensei teaches most of the classes, and the rest are taught by the yudansha. Each of them has a little stronger focus in one area - ukemi, suwari-waza, paired weapons practice, etc.. They get to focus on an aspect that inspires them, and for those of us in their classes, we get a variety of approaches to teaching and technique.

One of the main reasons I came to Aikido was to learn ukemi. Maybe you aren't the only one at your dojo who wishes there was a stronger focus on it.

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