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Re: It's getting annoying..

Hanna, I think we agree on the use of the term "sempai", but we disagree somewhat in what that role entails. One who is sempai to another is always sempai, regardless of who he is training with at that moment. I may be kohai to my specific training partner at a certain moment, but I am always sempai to my juniors and I'm expected to set a proper example with my own conduct. I am obligated to be respectful to my dojo mates, demonstrate the proper ettiquette, and train in the manner that is expected in my dojo. I'm quibbling a bit admittedly, but I can't simply turn off that role, any more than my sensei can turn off his role in the dojo. I might not be tasked or obligated to train/teach/coach a junior at a certain time, but I am always obligated to act appropriately. That view is why I argued with your earlier post and now you've clarified and we're probably not that far apart.

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