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Re: Differences between female & male practitioners

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My solution is to separate the sexes in their own classes, only to bring them together occasional for the benefit of each other's practice. Will it work, I think so. Because the sexes naturally do separate on their own. History tells us it is far too difficult to bring the sexes together, other then for that occasional intimacy, where there is harmony and blending. In my new school, I will be going with nature, and not against it. That is my idea.
Honestly? I think that's a terrible idea.

In my experience, new male students are too reliant on strength, particularly upper body strength. New female students are too reluctant to connect. Because their strengths and weaknesses are complementary, men and women can see the things they need to work on modeled by the other gender. Separating them deprives both genders of this experience.

It's also a terrible idea from a martial perspective. If a woman ever needs to use her aikido skills in self-defense, it is almost certain that the attacker will be male and bigger than she is. By not exposing your female students to this sort of attacker in a controlled environment, you are doing them a serious disservice.

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