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Grr! What would you do? (Older male teacher with young female student)

Around the time of my shodan test my home dojo was joined by a returning aikidoist, a middle aged gentleman some decades years out of training, from a certain very proud lineage different to the one on home dojo. My senior instructor and sempai accorded him all privileges and responsibilities of a nidan as befitted him. In a short time, he started instructing in one of the week classes I attended to regularly. I noticed then that he started paying particular attention to the youngest women in the class, the teenage girls. In a few months time I started getting concerned at the paritcular relationship he struck with one of them; which extended to out of the mat. I did not socialize with them, and frankly after a few months I stopped attending that class, because of the discomfort this paritcular picture caused in me. I am a father of girls, and a reader of Aikido history and Aikiweb and the whole thing just was looking really bad to me, but I dont want to be morbid and paranoid, I walked away. A year later I was told her parents had talked to the dojo heads about the situation and asked for help; a few years later , their relationship seems enduring, the young teenage girl is now a young adult woman, sports the proverbial baby boomer, balding out of shape ugly pretender on her arm, he is still practicing Aikido while I am not. My older daughter now entering her teenage asked me when she could join Aikido; my face fell. This is killing me; I love the art, but the culture that accepts and enables this repels me. What would you do?
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